XKL announces the results  from its in-depth long haul fiber lab testing, revealing a one-way 400Gbps data transport speed of 8.067 milliseconds on test bed spanning 1650km.  The latency measurement is inclusive of the fiber and DarkStar® optical transport equipment.  The distance of 1650km replicates the round-trip distance between New York and Chicago. These findings show XKL’s DarkStar® optical transport systems achieve the fastest latency available today.

Unlike typical fiber test beds that recirculate a loop of 100km of fiber, XKL runs its tests on the complete route distance of fiber, inclusive of equipment.  As a result, XKL brings the field into its lab to evaluate fiber imperfections and simulate worst-case conditions  commonly experienced in the field. To learn more about XKL and its DarkStar products visit www.XKL.com.

The entire press release can be viewed at http://www.jsa.net/clients/XKL-TestingLowLatency.htm.