At a time when connecting underserved and low-income areas via broadband is a top priority for the nation, XKL’s throwing its hat in the ring to help out. A leading provider of fiber optic networking solutions, XKL announces its initiative to provide broadband solutions to rural communities across the U.S. with products that are uniquely suited to this effort.

Here’s why XKL’s expertly-built optical networking appliances are perfect for bringing high levels of broadband to schools and municipalities:

  • XKL_SS_RuralBroadbandPhotoXKL’s highly adaptable network topologies can service multiple facilities with just 1RU appliances.
  • No OpEx? No problem! XKL’s simple, user-friendly solutions install in ten minutes and are ideal for organizations without in-house optical networking staff.
  • XKL’s 10 channel, 10G appliances adhere to a flexible pay-as-you-grow model, allowing for capacity scaling as needed.

Broadband usage in the U.S. is continuing to rise and the federal government has recently underscored the importance of rural broadband efforts, so XKL’s newest initiative is right on time. Just last month, the Obama administration announced its ConnectALL program, which promises to deliver quality broadband technology to every American, even stating that Internet access is a “path to greater opportunity.” The administration asked that the FCC transform its $1.5-billion-per-year phone subsidy program into a national broadband subsidy initiative that ensures that low-income Americans have Internet access.

It’s clear that a cost-effective solution allowing for significant bandwidth flexibility is essential, and XKL has the answer.

“Connecting underserved regions is a priority for the United States, and XKL stands behind its products to assist in this effort,” said Joe DePetro, Director of Business Development for XKL. “We are excited to work with rural dark fiber providers, as well as local telephone, cable and managed service providers to increase the amount of bandwidth they can supply to their customers.”

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