XKL_GreenDataCenterThere’s no question — operating a data center is costly and typically miles away from what most would consider a “green” endeavor. But XKL, a leading provider of fiber optic networking systems, sets itself apart with its small and efficient DarkStar systems, which provide substantial reductions in power and cooling costs and a break for the environment to boot.

Today, the company announces its continued commitment to offering energy-efficient solutions for optimal data center interconnect during a time where growing concern of data center energy consumption and cost is paramount. XKL is currently attending Data Center World Global in Las Vegas, where team members will be available to discuss the products’ impressive details.

A recent Gartner report names energy use as one of the pivotal operational costs for data centers, adding that, in some cases, it’s already surpassing equipment life-cycle costs. Backed with eco-friendly Layer 1 hardware, DarkStar solutions reduce OpEx while retaining remarkable bandwidth and low latency by dissipating 75 watts of power in 1RU to move up to 100G of traffic. XKL customers using DarkStar products realize enough power and cooling cost savings to buy another 40G pair of systems five years down the road. These cost savings are also key for data center providers equipping their facilities with the DarkStar line, as they can provide cloud services at a much lower cost than industry standard.

“Operating a data center is an expensive endeavor,” says Chad Lamb, Director of Engineering for XKL. “At XKL, our mission is to raise network performance while also reducing those expenses. With data traffic increasing significantly from year to year, data center providers must have the Layer 1 hardware in place for flexible bandwidth and low latency. At XKL, though, we take it a step further and supply those providers with the solutions they need to deliver swift connectivity.”

To arrange an onsite meeting with XKL at Data Center World Global, please email [email protected]. Not in Vegas yet? No problem! XKL will be attending Channel Partners Conference & Expo later this week and would love to meet with you.

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