Today, XKL announces the release of its new eBook, Private Networks 101: What You Need to Know. In this ebook, XKL provides an expert examination of the advantages of operating your own private network versus leasing.

Readers will learn why leasing from a major telco company is not always the most cost-effective, secure or scalable solution for enterprises.

“The most obvious way to procure connectivity for your business is to simply call up a major telco and lease a circuit from them. In this scenario, you’d be leasing what’s known as a “lit” service, meaning the carrier controls the fiber assets and operates the equipment that provides the connectivity. In essence, your business is leasing capacity on that network along with an abundance of other customers riding the same infrastructure. And while that might be an obvious path to get connectivity, it might not be the most prudent, cost effective, secure, of scalable for your business.”

Moreover, XKL  takes that extra step by providing readers with a detailed questionnaire to help determine if moving to a private network is the right decision for their organization.

“We wanted to explain why leasing isn’t always the most optimal solution and why building and operating a private optical network does not have to be a daunting task,” states Dr. Chad Lamb, Chief Systems Architect for XKL. “There are tremendous advantages when moving to a private network that operators might not be aware of, which is why we wanted to extend this knowledge to everyone.”

To download a free copy of XKL’s eBook today, click here: Private Networks 101: What You Need to Know.

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