XKL LLC, a leading provider of enterprise fiber optic networking systems, announces the introduction of its optional DQM 10-12 appliance field upgrade. Available now for use, the upgrade transforms the existing 120G appliance to a 240G or 360G 1RU solution, allowing for increased bandwidth flexibility and optimal network design.

The DQM 10-12 appliance upgrade is available anywhere there is dark fiber and its “pay as you grow” model allows network engineers the flexibility needed for cost-effective scalability. DQM12-425x108

“Forecasting bandwidth needs is complicated and a simple miscalculation could be costly when deploying a network,” says Chad Lamb, Director of Engineering for XKL. “The DQM10 upgrade is a cost-effective solution for quickly increasing bandwidth capacity without incurring large capital expenditures at initial deployment. Furthermore, the optional upgrade does not require additional costs when purchasing the base system. The customer decides if the upgrade is needed at a later time, not XKL.”

All XKL products are designed for network IT staff familiar with a router-like command line interface. With years of R&D in each product, deployment can be achieved in under an hour, and in many instances occurs in about 10 minutes. All XKL products integrate with existing management tools and scripts.

For more information on XKL and its product line, please visit www.xkl.com.