XKL, a leading-edge provider of fiber optic networking systems, announces its partnership with INOC, a global leader in the NOC services industry, specializing in a wide range of optical networking technologies. The strategic partnership brings a new level of managed services to enterprises and municipalities who are in search of cost-effective, long-term bandwidth. partnership

INOC’s expertise in monitoring and managing optical networks coupled with the simplicity and familiarity of XKL’s DarkStar systems, allows for swift deployment and streamlined monitoring and upgrades.

“We have had a long and beneficial relationship with INOC,” says Chad Lamb, Director of Engineering at XKL. “They have always exemplified superior NOC practices and continue to go above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs. The level of networking expertise INOC brings is unparalleled. I am pleased that the simplicity and manageability of our optical networking systems combined with INOC’s NOC support helps dark fiber providers support enterprises and municipalities very cost-effectively.”

The XKL team will be attending COMPTEL Plus Fall 2015 Business Expo next week in San Francisco. To schedule a meeting or to learn more about XKL’s product line, please email [email protected].

For more information on INOC, please visit www.inoc.com.

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