Severe ice storms. Brutal freezing temperatures. Never-ending snow storms.WireIE Winter 2013-2014

The winter of 2013-14 was long and harsh, yet WireIE’s networks never went down.

WireIE provides Ethernet networks across Canada, in some of the most secluded and isolated regions in the country. The company extends existing networks via a hybrid mix of radio frequency and fiber-optic technology to places where terrain does not allow for fiber deployment, or where trenching fiber is expensive and impractical.

In a winter that made headlines with record-breaking temperatures, WireIE delivered. Demonstrating a minimum of “three-nines” reliability (99.9%) and zero downtime for all network installations in some of Canada’s mostWireIE Survives and Thrives Winter 2013-2014 distant regions, WireIE not only survived the harsh winter of 2013-14, but thrived.

“Metro Ethernet Forum Carrier Ethernet (MEF CE) 2.0 certification allows us to deliver the quality and reliability that communities in underserved markets deserve,” affirms Rob Barlow, President and CEO of WireIE. “We couple best-in-class Ethernet technology; intelligent monitoring and early intervention practices; and a proactive emergency response network to resolve issues if and when they arise. On behalf of our customers, our networks have responded even more soundly than planned, and we are very proud of these achievements.”

In November 2013, WireIE made history when it became the first carrier, globally, focused in underserved markets to achieve MEF CE 2.0 certification. To learn more about WireIE, visit