On any given day, the CIO must be a technology leader, business leader and operations leader. On most days, the CIO plays ALL of these roles and more, including Chief WireIE Supports Calgary CIO SummitInnovation Officer for a leadership and employee base that looks to technology as the way to transform the company and deliver competitive advantage.

Later this week, CIOs from the Calgary, Alberta region will gather for a one-day summit focused on education and networking with peers. The goal of the event is to share and discuss the changing role of the CIO, discuss technology challenges, generate innovative approaches to address them and focus on the CIO as a value-creation center for the enterprise.

WireIE is supporting this week’s Calgary event. CTO George Kaichis will moderate a panel called “Next-Generation Technology Overcomes Geography,” to deliver a strong message about the importance and availability of high-bandwidth networks for enterprises in all parts of Canada.

WireIE Supports Calgary CIO SummitWith the increasingly global nature of today’s companies, more and more, technology is bringing together workers in remote locations and across geographically dispersed workplaces. The fact that this connectivity is happening with a high degree of reliability and performance is a testament to the networks available today – those built on advanced technology and designed from the get-go with availability top of mind.

Kaichis from WireIE will moderate the “Next-Generation” panel on November 13 from 9:00-9:50 a.m. at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Center. More information about the 2014 Evanta CIO Calgary Summit is available here. Please view more details in today’s press release at this link.