WireIE CEO Rob Barlow Shares Direction for 2018 with Jaymie Scotto Cutaia

At PTC’18, one of the most important telecommunications events for the Pacific Rim, Jaymie Scotto Cutaia met up with Rob Barlow, the CEO of Canadian network operator WireIE, to discuss the company’s latest developments and where it is headed for the rest of 2018.

Overall, throughout 2017, WireIE experienced continuous growth, providing leading-class high-speed network solutions to underserved markets in Canada and around the world. The company bolstered its reputation as an expert in underserved connectivity by consistently exceeding its network performance and reliability objectives throughout the year.

For 2018, the company is maintaining its focus on making it possible for individuals and enterprises in underserved areas to take full advantage of the digital economy. By using both fiber and microwave technologies in the delivery of high availability networks, WireIE is a partner of choice for industry and governments in need of reliable, secure connectivity for their mission-critical applications. The company prides itself on its ability to extend carrier networks to remote and hard-to-reach locations, bringing the metropolitan broadband experience to the underserved and promoting regional economic development.

For more information, visit WireIE’s website at www.wireie.com or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.