Typically, when we watch our favorite team or race we want to receive a high quality, clear picture without interruptions. Emmy Award-winning Mandt Media takes that a step further with its immersive entertainment and media studio that specializes in the production of premium augmented reality Wilcon
content, virtual reality content and artificial intelligence. Augmented Reality (AR) layers digital information on top of the real world, everything from video to sound graphics and animation and it can even be viewed on smartphones. Wilcon, the premier West Coast provider of best-in-class fiber optic and data center infrastructure, and Mandt Media are at the heart of providing some of the best sports and media experiences around. Wilcon’s 100G fiber network allows Mandt Media, a Hollywood-based studio, to deliver cutting-edge, immersive video experiences via livestreaming 4K video. Wilcon’s fiber connectivity provides powerful infrastructure by delivering virtually unlimited bandwidth, high scalability and data security. Through 360-degree virtual reality (VR) videos, Mandt Media offers viewers an all-access pass to teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and some of the best game day experiences in the NFL. Wilcon’s high capacity network also powers Mandt Media’s cutting-edge AR and VR video projects for the College Football Playoff and INDYCAR races.

Immersive video experiences are a hot area in the media industry, and companies like Mandt Media rely on digital innovations and reliable infrastructure to ensure the best viewer experiences – each and every time.

“We’re thrilled to support Mandt Media’s innovative work,” states Jeff Henderson, VP of Sales for Wilcon. “With our Southern California roots, the Wilcon team is always searching for ways to best serve Hollywood and the media and entertainment industry. This is one example of how a partnership between our network and forward-thinking M&E companies can produce cutting-edge results.”

From studios to post-production facilities to live broadcasting, Wilcon delivers powerful and far-reaching network assets to support the dynamic global media and entertainment business.

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