Fiber optics date as far back as the Roman times with the use of glass inside fibers, and has evolved with various advancements along the way such as the optical telegraph in 1790’s by the Chappe
Brothers and the optical telephone system in 1880, patented by Alexander Graham Bell. It’s hard to imagine that a fiber strand about the width of a human hair can now rapidly transport vast amounts of data.

Fiber optic networks allow you to transmit information and data through pulses of light. And when Datathese fiber optic cables are unused, they are unlit or ‘dark’. Dark Fiber is increasingly being used by enterprises and organizations that require rapid scalability. Advancements in fiber optics enable faster, more reliable communications for all types of companies including telecommunications, networking, media and entertainment, finance, healthcare, government organizations and more.

As customers get more savvy, they look to forward-thinking companies such as Wilcon, the premier West Coast provider of best-in-class fiber optic and data center infrastructure, to manage the dark fiber and to take control of their network by managing their own equipment. Benefits are abundant including enabling organizations to rapidly scale and throttle up their networks without any incremental costs.

Endless Possibilities:

What was once just deployed by carriers, is now increasingly seen as a way to leverage new technologies and big bandwidth applications, decrease network latencies and plan for future growth. Demand drivers include increased control, rapid scalability, reliability – and if you are thinking long-term growth, it’s not as expensive as you think it might be. Private dark fiber networks are increasingly attractive for all sectors.

Further advancements await us. Researchers are looking for ways to send more data, faster. This will be made possible as the cost of fiber optic components goes down and the availability of increased bandwidth in the future is possible.

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Always looking for ways to support your mission and business-critical networking, Wilcon is hosting a
lunch and learn to discuss the advantages of owning your own dark fiber network. Teaming up with LightRiver, a leader in Factory Built Network® design and commissioning, Wilcon tailors private optical networks, over local dark fiber. The company works closely with customers on their requirements to design a dark fiber network that offers cost predictability regardless of bandwidth growth.

Lunch and Learn: Hear featured Keynote speaker, Dean Campbell, Transport CTO of the Year awarded by TMT News, for LightRiver Technologies.

Where: Morton’s The Steakhouse, South Coast Plaza

1641 W. Sunflower Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92704

When: Thursday, March 23 12pm – 2pm

Why: To Change Your Network and the Way You Do Business

RSVP by March 16 to secure your spot.


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