Managed Services are only as good as they are, ehem, managed. This is why in a day where seemingly everything (particularly in telecom) is billed as a “managed” service, it’s important to consider just who is doing the managing. This is of critical importance when the services that are being managed have anything to do with your communications network. I, for one, can barely manage my home phone, Internet and wireless printer configurations. That said, losing Internet access or my mother-in-law not being able to call is of no great shakes, to me. To the enterprise, however, an efficiently run network is paramount to doing good business.

Managed Network Services (MNS) can provide the assurance that an already over-extended (and somewhat geeky) IT department can’t, but only if the solution is being managed effectively. With the knowledge and resources in place, the right partner can support enterprise technology needs, while providing the ability to extend infrastructure more effectively.  That’s what One Source Network’s MNS solution does.

As a carrier and hardware agnostic provider, OSN offers custom designed MNS that deliver an entire solution without specific vendor or partner preference. FYI – Carrier and Hardware agnostic means they are YOUR partner.  OSN’s MNS solutions augment a comprehensive network and service deployment, ensuring overall health and life cycle operability to keep businesses running. Yes, but that’s not why  they make an ideal MNS solution partner. Ready for it? It’s people. Technology is the enabler, but a successfully “managed” network solution starts with people.

OSN provides industry best MNS solutions complete with all the bells and whistles (and then some) that you’d expect from a company leveraging the most advanced equipment and network partners this side of the milky way, but it’s their people that make them great – from the folks answering your calls to the folks making sure you receive your calls – a skilled and knowledgeable customer service minded management philosophy runs throughout. It’s their people that are truly “managing” the solution.

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Dean M. Perrine