LightRiver’s Mike Jonas Talks to JSA TV

By now, you’ve heard of LightRiver and its impressive Factory Built Network (FBN) solution and how it represents the culmination of LightRiver’s knowledge, skills and experience. LightRiver’s FBN is a proprietary turn-key process, serving as a predictable and proven methodology of deploying complex telecommunications networks. LightRiver specialists build and deploy the highest-performing, most reliable transport networks with unprecedented speed and cost-efficiency.

In this latest JSA TV interview, held at PTC’18, LightRiver’s President of Global Customer Operations, Mike Jonas discusses with Jaymie the latest FBN advancements as well as LightRiver’s upcoming 20-year anniversary and recent developments including its acquisition of Unique Computer Services, netFLEX®, and what’s next on the horizon for the company in terms of growth and expansion in 2018 and beyond.

Watch the insightful interview above or here.