westellWestell Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTL), a provider of in-building wireless, intelligent site management, cell site optimization, and outside plant solutions, announced that it has continued its commitment to innovate premium Power Distribution solutions with its new line of Circuit Breaker panels.  With the widest voltage-range support and operating-temperature range in the industry, Westell’s Circuit Breaker panels are designed to be the best in class in usability, reliability, and performance – in both inside-office and harsh outside plant environments.


“Our latest line of Power Distribution solutions are engineered to enable our customers to meet the necessary requirements for today, but also to allow them to expand for future growth and technology advancements,” comments Tom Gruenwald, President and CEO of Westell Technologies. “We are committed to be the industry leader in innovation and value.”

With over forty years of combined experience in designing Power Distribution panels, Westell’s engineering team has a long tradition of designing products with attention to quality, performance, reliability, and compliance across industry standards.  Westell delivers Power Distribution products that offer the best value when comparing functionality, availability, pre- and post-sales support, and priThe_Future_Is_Now_850x265ce – the total cost of ownership.

Features and Benefits:

The new suite of products that address high current to low current and DC to AC applications include the following features:

  • A 600A High Current DC Panel that is high density and has compact design with the only complete rear access in the industry
  • Low Current DC Panels that have the highest input capacity in the industry
  • An AC panel that is the perfect form, fit, and function for small systems, especially cabinet applications
  • Products with the broadest operating temperature range in the industry

To learn more about Westell’s Power Distribution solutions, visit us: http://www.westell.com/products/outside-plant/power-distribution/