While rural areas are attractive for new data center development because of the availability of land and favorable economics for building sprawling campuses, metro areas such as Los Angeles typically have better telecommunications and power infrastructure, in addition to other significant advantages.

With more than 80% of the U.S. population living in major metro areas, for a sound data center strategy, organizations must consider colocating in facilities that are in proximity to where most people live, work and play – think: Los Angeles, a global business hub with a population of more than four million people, and the second largest city in the nation.

Companies seeking colocation solutions want to be near high concentrations of business partners and consumers. And, geographic proximity to major metro areas enables cloud services and latency-intensive applications to be delivered faster, and with higher levels of performance.

West 7’s Expert Guide, Colocation in the City of Angels, will examine the some of the market drivers that propel renewed interest in data centers and colocation facilities sited in Los Angeles, including:

  • The increasing interdependence of cloud services and colocation facilities.
  • The importance of carrier diversity, an ecosystem of business partners, and proximity to user base.
  • The city’s emergence as the digital gateway to the Asia-Pacific region.

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