When it comes to data center security, not all facilities are created equal. And while it’s understandable that data center providers and their customers put an emphasis on cybersecurity, physical security within the facility itself is too often an afterthought.

Even though there is a surging trend of enterprise migration to cloud-based infrastructure, data centers remain as the substantive fortification protecting critical data from both virtual and physical assault. While technology companies and media tend to talk about the cloud as if it existed in some ethereal realm, the fact remains that much of the actual hardware used by the major public cloud providers in the U.S. resides in colocation facilities alongside servers used by other companies.

Ensuring the physical security of cloud servers is essential, and so is safeguarding mission-critical business applications, content, data storage, networking and computing related to Big Data analytics and emerging technologies (think AI, machine learning, IoT and more). Moreover, if a data center houses information related to financial records or other regulated industries, there are statutory requirements pertaining to physical security that are non-negotiable.

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