Subscriptions to over-the-top (OTT) content such as Apple TV, YouTube, Amazon Video and Netflix are on the rise as users seek to access streaming content.  More than half of the homes in the US have a subscription to at least one of these services and other platforms are becoming available all the time.

Users are not only queing up content at home, but also via subscriptions to apps on their phones. Today’s high-definition content is data-intensive to produce and transfer, and ultimately requires a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to distribute it. A West 7 Center CDN is a network of different points-of-presence (POPs) or data centers through which an OTT provides its content to end-users in different locations.  The Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices are also part of the dynamic, fueling data-intensive applications, which are expected to grow in deployments over the coming year. Data centers are an essential part of supporting these innovative ways of connecting us all. The U.S, data center market is on pace for record growth due to the sheer number of connected devices, whether from OTT or IoT applications.  And Los Angeles, a vital part of this growth, has become a hub for data-intensive, mission-critical applications. Content and services providers require reliable, high capacity and low latency networks to meet customer demand and improve the end-user experience.

West 7 Center, the city’s first purpose-built carrier and cloud-neutral Tier III+ facility, stands out as having the ability to deliver the space, power and cooling infrastructure OTTs and IoT developers and providers require.

West 7 Center was designed to support mission-critical operations and support ultra-low latency needs. Its proximity to the edge, L.A.’s business district and key residential developments, further supports the data processing and analysis that needs to occur for OTT and IoT providers – ensuring uptime and speed of communications. The West 7 Center currently has:

  • 13MW of power
  • 172,000 square feet of space available
  • Two central plants with N+1 power/cooling redundancy
  • Over 70,000 gallons of fuel on hand
  • In-house technical expertise
  • Special note: Although it already exceeded seismic standards when it was first built, West 7 Center has since undergone upgrades to further increase its reliability and efficiency.

Download the West 7 Center eBook ‘Journey to the Edge: Colocation Support for OTTs and IoT Adoption’ to learn:

  • The importance of location for an OTT’s CDN
  • IoT adoption and the transition to edge computing/colocation
  • West 7 Center’s ability to support both OTTs and IoT developers

For more information, please visit West 7 Center.