Join Schneider Electric and JSA for our second webinar “Welcome to the Edge: Your Blueprint to Success” as we explore the opportunity of converting the free space in your central office to a data center.

Mark Hurley, 
Data Center Solution Architect for Schneider Electric and our CEO, Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, return for the second installment of the webinar series.  They will be joined by Joe Reele, who is also a Data Center Solution Architect for Schneider Electric.  Joe is responsible for bringing together the full suite of Schneider Electric products and services to provide unparalleled right sized, innovative and complete solutions for our customers.

We will discuss:

  1. Webinar #2 TeaserFacility requirements needed to support the installation of a regional data center.
  2. Our four design solutions, scalable to meet the needs of most regional data center.
  3. Budget pricing to help you evaluate upfront investment required.
  4. Review the step by step process to develop a site assessment for your facility.
  5. ROI comparison of the various infrastructure solutions and service offerings.

Schneider Electric is an expert in data centers and a turnkey data center solution provider.  We can help our customers through the entire data center life cycle including; site assessments, solution designs, construction, operations and maintenance.

Schneider Electric can help you deliver a cutting edge data center solution that will expand your business offer and maximize your revenue potential.  To view the first webinar or learn more visit