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Meet Cristina from FlyteLabs.

Cristina wakes up every day and wonders how to send her partners’ data while bypassing the public Internet. She wants to directly interconnect with her partners’ networks so that she doesn’t leave her data vulnerable to shared infrastructure or network security breaches.

Cristina frets over the fact that sometimes she needs the bandwidth and capacity to send this data and sometimes she doesn’t.

You see, FlyteLabs would like to privately interconnect to its partner Advantage.

Cristina discovers Console where she can simply find Advantage by searching within the Console platform. She chooses to follow Advantage and interconnect.

Once connected she can see FlyteLabs current utilization dashboard and select the speed for the interconnect. Cristina sends the request to Advantage.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.18.23 PMNow meet Paul from Advantage.

Paul notices and new request from his partner at FlyteLabs. He confirms the details of the interconnection and accepts the terms.

They are now interconnected and data now moving between their two networks over a private Internet connection.

Cristina has been looking for transparency of cost, increased security via bypassing the public Internet, less headaches from reduced complexity of Layer 2 and Layer 3 configuration and the ability to troubleshoot over multiple ISPs. And guess what… Console provides all this (with the ultimate user experience) across ONE global platform.

Go Cristina and go Paul.

If both the path and the control of data are important to your business, you will want to watch this video.

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Check out the platform here. Once you onboard, directly connect to cloud, SaaS providers and other enterprises globally.

Meet the Console team at Telecom Exchange NYC to talk more about direct access to the Console platform that bypasses the public Internet.

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