Hibernia NetworksThe always on, always connected world we live in places an incredible demand on network providers, as web-based companies seek reliable and scalable connectivity to quickly transport large quantities of data to end-users around the world. Hibernia Networks’ new six-fiber-pair, 4,600km subsea cable, Hibernia Express, offers web-centric companies the ideal solution to address the growing demand for bandwidth.

“The most heavily trafficked transoceanic route in the world lies between North America and Europe,” states Omar Altaji, Chief Commercial Officer of Hibernia Networks. “Hibernia Express provides not only the lowest latency, but also nearly three times more capacity than any other transatlantic cable in service today. Web-centric customers across the globe can count on Hibernia Express for reliable, high speed connectivity that results in improved business performance and an outstanding user experience.”

The first transatlantic cable build in over a decade, Hibernia Express provides the lowest latency link between New York and London, as well as 100 Gigabits/s transmission capacity. The cable is designed to provide more than 53Tb of capacity, scalable beyond all existing systems, and with redundant fiber connectivity to eliminate any single point of failure; the new route is ideal for cloud-based networks requiring scalability and diversity to run critical business applications. Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 2.11.36 PM

“Deploying the latest optical technologies maximizes design capacity, and laying the shortest path minimizes latency in a transoceanic cable system,” states Erik Kreifeldt, senior analyst at TeleGeography. “Web-based companies and content providers that are driving a large portion of the 40% annual growth in demand for transatlantic bandwidth seek low latency to improve customer experience—and subsequently sales performance.”

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