A PR & Marketing professional’s guide to getting the most out of, well, me.

In my time as PR & Marketing Account Director at JSA, I’ve come to realize that, at least within the tech and telecom industries, there are some serious “trust” issues. This is White Castleunderstandable; after all, admitting that you may not be the best at promoting your own company and relinquishing control over this task (even if just in theory) isn’t easy, especially for an industry full of brainiac engineering, tech geeks and startups. It’s tough. It’s your company. I get it.

This lack of trust (apprehension may be a better term), however, can (and often does) create an assembly line environment where spitting out press releases is more important than what that press release says; where getting an article published is more important than establishing strong relationships with journalists. It’s an easy way to determine if “things” are getting done and a horrible way to determine overall effectiveness and long-micromanagementterm success. It’s fast food. It’s good at the time, but goes in the toilet quickly. You don’t want this. And neither do we.

Below are a few tips for getting the most out of me, and likely most other PR & Marketing folk…maybe even your own team.

1. You’ve hand selected your PR & Marketing team presumably based on skill and experience. Let them show you how smart you are for it. Your input is welcome and often required, but shouldn’t be the platform on which the PR & Marketing strategy is built. You’ve hired professionals, let them work.

2. The first 6-12 months will be spent getting to know and refine the company “story” and messaging. This may be the most critical phase of the relationship. It’s the lust phase and butterflies are expected. Be a part of that. We understand that you’re busy running a company (we want this), but understand that your voice and initial input is critical to long-term success. You can’t get to second base without, ehem, getting to first, first.

3. Be direct, without being terse (or, gasp, rude). You can be friendly without being soft; demanding without being heavy-handed. If you don’t like something, say so, but say why and be willing to listen to your team. We’re learning to do the best possible job, for you. It’s no secret to anyone when expectations aren’t being met. **why does writing this feel radical to me?** Collaborate and set expectations. Trust and verify. But always Second Baseremember to be human. Be open and honest, but never vague or condescending. Your team will reward you for it. Promise. (end of after-school special)

4. PR & Marketing pros are programmed to show ROI. We want to do this as fast as humanly possible. You’ve told us that this is the measure at which we’re being judged. It’s OUR value to you. Awesome. Great. Super. We LOVE this, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen at second base. It happens during the night and while at second base. It happens over time. Give it time, you won’t be sorry

5. Understand that just because you weren’t immediately or directly involved, doesn’t mean progress isn’t being made or those things aren’t getting done (or getting done correctly). Ninety percent of the work I (we) do is based on an outreach and positioning strategy already set in motion when getting you to second base (can’t stop with the “baseball” analogies). This may actually mean you’ve learned to trust and things are working.


**The views of Dean Perrine do not necessarily reflect that of all PR & marketing pros, but should.**

Dean Perrine – Account Director – JSA

10450049_10152466070104485_4177836177464929311_oDean brings a complementary mix of competitive analysis, market research and marketing and business development expertise to the JSA team. With over 13 years of telecom and healthcare industry experience, Dean leverages a diverse skill set and a client-centric philosophy to serve JSA clients and grow the company. Dean has authored reports covering such areas as Telecom Sales and Retention strategies, UNE-P and pricing analysis. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Public Relations from Ball State University. He loves acting, gardening and the Chicago Cubs. @deanperrine