A decade and a half ago, Virtual Reality (VR) was a pipedream. Children’s shows were created around it, like the Jetsons with a 2K spin. In 2017, VR is not just virtual, it’s full-blown reality. Capto CEO & Co-Founder, Tracy Currie eloquently laid out his thoughts on VR in a recent Light Reading article

While the big screen, the small screen, and the gaming screen have had a vested interest in VR for some time, the business application has become clearer and clearer in recent days. There are some reservations around it, as there tend to be with developing technologies; the size of the apparatus, what the infrastructure looks like, and the content. While all legitimate reservations, there are elements of interest and progress at play, that keeps the relevance and awareness of virtual reality in a high priority position. Think about what the world would look like today if companies had thrown their hands up when a cell phone the size of a small child was put into their hands. Further, Betamax technology paved the way for the streaming industry and the way families view content today. What would the world have looked like had the industry stopped at reel-to-reel? Currie points out in his article that “Early adopters, as you may have noticed, tend to see beyond initial limitations to the potential of a technology.”

As a result of the current novelty of VR, the opportunities for business and thought-leadership are endless. Currie points out that universities have an opportunity not only for virtual field work, but for campus tours and recruitment. Imagine trying on a sweater found on a website, or sitting courtside, from the comfort of your living room. This is what VR opportunity could look like in the coming years. It can also be argued that because of that novelty, those who adopt early will be more forgiving for the growing pains that may occur. That, in the end, the benefits will far surpass those pains.1440014843943

Currie ends the article by saying, “The decision to pursue VR now or later is an important one. What is your business case?”, adding that any business case needs to be supported by both money and talent to ensure the best possible customer experience.

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