bcs global hand imageWhen it comes to choosing a bank, consumers and businesses alike have many options. Customers can choose from retail banks, commercial banks, investment banks, central banks, credit unions, online banks, etc.  With all of these options available, will they choose the financial institution that makes banking easier and more accessible?

Video banking enables employees to meet face-to-face over video and share data with different locations as well as with partners around the world. Virtual meeting rooms and integrated video conferencing allow for immersive consultations between experts and the customer. A range of financial experts can now meet with clients where and when it is convenient for the client.  Imagine your financial planner or loan specialist assisting you fill out a mortgage application over a secure and reliable video link! In-branch video conferencing gives new opportunities to enhance customers service.

Financial institutions have entered a new business era, moving from providing traditional transactional services such as deposits and wire transfers to highly personalized services such as financial planning and portfolio management. Mobile and video banking is not the wave of the future—it is the here and now.

Advanced technology, infrastructure development and changing business and economic factors have dramatically improved the accessibility and usability of video conferencing. Telepresence in the financial sector are becoming adopted rapidly.

Are you a financial institution considering Video Conferencing solutions for your business? Download the latest checklist put forth by BCS Global and discover the ways telepresence will improve your bankhere.