With its long-standing company culture of giving back to the community, ViaWest would like to pay special tribute to Maia Drugmand, a dedicated young entrepreneur who has

Make-a-Wish Foundation Fundraiser

Maia Drugmand and ViaWest CEO, Nancy Phillips

truly exemplified service and helping others through her Turtles4Tots fundraiser.  Maia first started her fundraising program as a 4th grade school project and involves making turtles from shells. The popularity of those turtles with her classmates led to the birth of Maia’s organization.

A successful venture from the start, Turtles4Tots donates all of its profits to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.  Soon after the inception of the project, Turtles4Tots reached its first goal and sponsored its very first Maia Drugmand's fundraiserwish. To promote the ongoing success of the fundraiser, Maia works diligently during the summer and fall seasons, many hours a day to create her shell turtles.

ViaWest’s CEO, Nancy Phillips, as part of her involvement in the Young Americans’ Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs mentored Maia over the past year and saw Maia’s giving spirit in action.  Nancy has participated in many programs that inspire youth, encourage service and that promote an overall attitude of helping others. Serving their communities and helping young people learn and thrive has always been near and dear to ViaWest.  The company encourages its employees to get involved and make a difference. Maia’s enthusiasm, independence, passion and creativity demonstrated in her Tutles4Tots program are great examples for us all.

Maia was also recently honored by the Denver 7News station as part of its 7Everyday Hero program, which highlights Coloradans who are making a difference in their community.  The station presented the award to Maia at the Make-a-Wish Colorado 30th Anniversary Wine and Wishes event held at the Colorado History Museum on August 16, 2013.

For more information on ViaWest and its charitable endeavors, please visit http://www.viawest.com/about-viawest/our-corporate-citizenship