vertixVertix Consulting has released its latest white paper entitled, “10 Wireless Deployment Mistakes to Avoid.”  The paper, which features expert analysis and viewpoints from Vertix on wireless network deployment mistakes and best practices, is now available via the company’s website as a complimentary download.dreamstime_s_40452698

“Many of the mistakes detailed in the paper are very common because they are common to human nature – hoping and assuming versus validating, managing by crisis, generalizing, ignoring things until they bother us, and delegating because we don’t want the trouble,” states Andrew Sheridan, Principal Consultant at Vertix Consulting. “This paper provides a glimpse into the real-world experiences Vertix has had with wireless deployment. We explore these experiences and provide actionable insight on how to avoid the inevitable bumps in the road.”

Download a free copy of Vertix’s wireless deployment white paper: 10 Wireless Deployment Mistakes to Avoid.