United Fiber & Data (UFD) just completed its build-out at Equinix’s NY9 data center located at 111 8th Avenue. As one of the largest tech buildings in New York City, NY9 is home to some of the world’s UFD Logobiggest financial, media and enterprise companies. The new build-out grants NY9 customers complete access to UFD’s network and dark fiber solutions. For increased reliability and diversity, UFD will build dual points of entry into the building to meet customers’ stringent IT requirements.

UFD has also established a presence at Equinix’s NY4 data center located at 755 Secaucus Road in Secaucus, N.J. This data center serves the world’s largest financial, media and enterprise companies with premium interconnection services.

“This project will prove incredibly valuable to our customers,” says Christopher Lodge, President and Chief Operating Officer of UFD. “It was integral that we collaborate with a facility whose leadership understands our dedication to providing a diverse and secure network to businesses across a variety of industries in New York City. The Equinix teams at NY9 and NY4 have proved to be exactly that type ofinterconnection and data center provider we need, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

UFD owns and operates one of the lowest latency routes between NYC and Washington DC. Its network bypasses major corridors and city centers, as well as avoids single points of failure. Providing high-speed and secure transmissions between NYC and the DC metro area, UFD’s fiber route avoids the technology crowding that is found in major hubs like Washington, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

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