maxresdefaultToday UAE-IX, the first carrier-neutral Internet traffic exchange platform in the Middle East, welcomed Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) as its newest exchange member. The two parties signed the agreement during this week’s Capacity Middle East conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

UAE-IX enables GCX to connect to key international networks more efficiently, assiting in the further development of the critical infrastructure that powers GCX’s Cloud X platform. As such, GCX is able to more easily deliver its cloud solutions into the emerging markets across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. With UAE-IX’s reliable and secure platform and growing list of customers, GCX can achieve its goal of enabling customers to deploy top-notch cloud services on a global scale while extending its reach further into certain markets.

“GCX is enabling the global cloud on an infrastructure that is being challenged to deliver more and more every day,” states Harald A. Summa, President, DE-CIX International AG. “By incorporating UAE-IX into the GCX network topology, the company benefits from the growing network of networks on the Dubai exchange, the decreased latency of sending data to its final destination and the increased network resilience and security.”


GCX joins UAE-IX at a time of great growth. The exchange experienced a steady growth rate of more than 30% throughout 2014 and has more than doubled its peak traffic over the past year. The traffic peak has grown from 15 Gigabits/s in March 2014 to 30.77 Gigabits/s in February 2015. Furthermore, the customer base at the exchange grew by more than 50% in the same time period.

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UAE-IX is fully managed by DE-CIX and serves both customers from the region and global players. For more information about UAE-IX, please visit