Long time friend of JSA, Andrew Blum has just released his new book entitled  “Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet” which has been receiving some great press while shining a positive light on our industry’s connectivity. The Wall Street Journal included an excerpt from the book and CBS News interviewed Andrew on his main drivers for writing the book.

So why is “Tubes” a must-read?  The book takes a look at the Internet from a physical perspective, the actual infrastructure that connects our so-called ‘wireless’ world. Andrew looks at the dark and lit networks that connect the Internet (including some of JSA clients like Allied Fiber and Hibernia Atlantic ) and the key buildings throughout the world that house these networks.

To coincide with the launch of the book, Andrew is doing a book tour in cities around the world including New York, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and London. For the complete tour schedule, click here.  If he’s in a city near you, go ahead and check him out.

For more on Andrew Blum and “Tubes,” visit www.andrewblum.net.