Public cloud offers many tech companies a quick and easy solution for spinning up environments in the cloud, but what happens when these fast-growing companies need to scale up? Quickly realizing that the public cloud is no place for a growing company, StatSocial turned to NYI for help. The premier provider of social data was able to cut operating costs, increase scalability and regained its CTO and IT team thanks to NYI’s fully managed hybrid solution.screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-12-31-59-pm

StatSocial’s public cloud service and unmanaged, undedicated servers quickly became unmanageable in-house as the company gained steam and grew at a rapid pace. NYI’s dynamic and fully managed architecture was an ideal fit, as it was not only dynamic, but offered the scalability and fully managed architecture StatSocial was searching for. NYI’s hybrid services enable customers to find the right solution for each and every server and application; a level of flexibility that is virtually impossible to find with a public cloud provider.

“Like many fast-growing tech companies, we found it easy to spin up environments in the cloud, but quickly realized it made no sense to scale in that environment,” comments Michael Hussey, Chief Executive Officer of StatSocial. “With NYI, we now have a fully managed solution that ensures our core services run reliably, efficiently, and are specifically tailored to our unique needs. NYI has given us back our CTO, who can now focus on supporting development and growth initiatives instead of infrastructure challenges. Perhaps most impressive was how quickly NYI became a seamless extension of our technology team, and at a fraction of the cost of trying to do it all ourselves.”

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