With COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2010 quickly approaching (Sept 12-15, 2010) in Dallas, TX – I thought this easy guide to dark fiber would be helpful.  It’s a quick read and may provide you with the guidance you very well need.

  1. Control.  We all want control of our network and the solutions we offer to carry the data communications it enables.  The only way a company can get full control is if they have the core, base fiber – ‘dark fiber.’  Dark fiber is the raw fiber, in the ground, along a specific route that is just waiting to be lit.  It’s the Light, when the fiber is lit, that enables the carriage of data communications.  Routes can be diverse, but the most control is on the electronics and equipment that companies use to light the fiber.  With a variety of very capable and leading vendors to choose from – the control is all yours. 
  2. State-of-the-Art.  Yes, I’m using that marketing term in association with dark fiber.  Not all fiber is created equal.  Of course light can only travel so fast, but with the latest and greatest technologies, dark fiber is ‘state-of-the-art’ technology that can enable communications – and a lot of it.
  3. Flexibility.  Dark fiber can be lit, re-lit and then lit again.  Remember, it’s the gear that lights the fiber.  With dark fiber, you have the flexibility to switch out equipment to leverage the latest and greatest technologies without having to forklift an entire network.
  4. Expandable.  Flexibility, state-of-the-art and control all provide for an easily expandable network system that can grow as your business grows.  It gives you the ability to know what your fixed costs are and the flexibility to add software enhancements that increase the network capability providing you with options to expand not only the bandwidth capability of your network but your footprint as well.
  5. Allied Fiber.  Seriously, this company is changing the way dark fiber is bought, sold, marketed and more importantly how accessible it can be (did I say affordable too?).  Find out for yourself.  If you’re interested to know more about dark fiber and why you should be looking to buy some for your network visit www.alliedfiber.com– also check out the dark fiber community on TMCNet – http://dark-fiber.tmcnet.com/– an abundance of information is just at your finger tips.  To schedule a meeting with Allied Fiber, who will be attending Comptel, email [email protected].

Good luck on your quest for control of your state-of-the-art dark fiber network that provides you with flexibility and expandable capabilities a network geared for the future should have.