In exciting news today, announced at Telecom Exchange, TNCI Operating Company LLC, an entity formed by Garrison Investment Group and Blue Casa Telephone, acquired the assets of national telecommunications provider Trans National Communications International.

Management teams of Blue Casa Telephone and TNCI assure that the April 30th acquisition is successful and a positive experience. Blue Casa Telephone will operate the new sister company called TNCI, ensuring that the existing TNCI brand and team remains intact.  

“Blue Casa Telephone and Garrison Investment Group are committed to TNCI’s unique business model and the service it provides; the Company will make subtle changes to ensure that customer satisfaction is the number one focus,” states Jeff Compton, CEO and President of Blue Casa Telephone. “Our new shareholding structure strengthens TNCI’s ability to further invest in the latest network services technologies, and continue to meet the challenges set by the relentless evolution of the communications industry.”

Additionally, notes Compton: “Furthermore, our financial strength and clean balance sheet position us very well for future acquisitions.”

“We are excited about the acquisition of TNCI’s assets and our partnership with Blue Casa Telephone.  We expect a seamless transition for TNCI’s customers and look forward to driving growth of the platform,” added David Thompson, Jr., Director at Garrison Investment Group. 

Backbone Capital Advisors LLC served as advisor for Blue Casa Telephone in the transaction, and was responsible for bringing Blue Casa and Garrison together successfully.  Britt Terrell, Managing Director of Backbone commented, “This was a challenging financing transaction on the surface, but with a professional operator in Jeff Compton and his partner, Howard Brand, of Blue Casa Telephone, and a quality investor in Garrison who was able to see the strength of the combination of the two businesses, there was a smart and successful investment to be made.” 

Backbone Capital Advisors, LLC is a full-service professional financing arranger, providing both traditional and non-traditional capital sourcing, with complete execution, for middle market businesses that require debt financing and other capital solutions.

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