Whether it is a customer appreciation reception, launch party or seminar the impact of your event is often measured by the attendee turnout. There are several simple things that can be done to increase attendance and participation. Check out the tips below from the JSA Events experts.


Jaymie – Create An Amazing Agenda.  It is important to create a program that is worth attending. Time is money and it is critical to make your event interesting so attendees see the benefit of attending. Topics, speakers and entertainment should all be fresh and relevant.

Lauren – Be Sensitive To The Calendar And Clock. When selecting your event date there are many factors to consider such as, day of week, conflicting industry events and holidays. Attendees prefer seminars in the morning and appreciation events in the evening immediately after work. Be sensitive to travel requirements of your attendees and establish a reputation for starting on time and ending on time.

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Krista – Select A Unique And Convenient Venue.  Pick a location where your guests want to go. The venue should be well known, easy to find and experienced at hosting similar events. Attendees should not have to hunt to find the venue or spend too much time travelling, so make sure the venue is convenient to the majority of attendees.

Terri – Invite And Invite Again. Compile a guest list that includes your target audience and even rank attendees and companies in order of importance. Send invitations early and continue to remind invitees about the event until they have confirmed attendance. Additionally, take the time to pick up the phone and extend a personal invitation to specific individuals that are on the top of your list.


Shannon- Establish A Reputation. Credibility is important. If you always deliver excellent programs your event attendance will continue to grow. Use testimonials from previous event attendees to show the value of attending your event. If someone enjoyed attending your last event they are likely to attend future events and share their experience with others. JSA Logo