Why use one port to access just one service, when you can use one port to access three services simultaneously? PacketExchange offers customers the ability to access all three of their Internet solutions providing companies the ability to optimize the way they connect to the Internet.  By entering through one port, companies gain access to PacketExchange’s Public Peering, Private Peering and the Public Internet network solutions.

PacketExchange’s Public Peering network interconnects to nearly all of the Global Internet Exchange points, providing easy global connectivity without the need to create your company’s own connections.

Their Private Peering network allows customers to easily connect with any other users already connected to PacketExchange.  The solution provides private line connectivity among this ‘community’ offering the highest quality connectivity solutions that include guaranteed low latency, fast re-routes and maximum efficiencies.

PacketExchange offers access to the Public Internet through their IP network leveraging the Donut Peering Model.  This design leverages direct connections with Tier 2 networks to create a faster, more direct path to end users. PacketExchange’s mission is to deliver ever-increasing amounts of bandwidth to a media-rich Internet while maintaining optimal performance.

To learn more about PacketExchange’s Internet exchange services, visit www.PacketExchange.net or email [email protected]

Written by: Caitlin O’Hagan, Account Manager at Jaymie Scotto & Associates