Our Tips to Make Your Attendee Experience More Memorable (and Delicious)!

When planning an event, thereF&B Conference are so many details to consider – what venue will the event be hosted at? What exhibitors and sponsors will be at the event? What educational sessions can be offered to attendees? The list goes on and on.  Unfortunately, food and beverage is often overlooked and left as a last minute decision. Sad, but true.

I always appreciate when a meeting planner goes the extra mile and provides a more enjoyable experience by offering a well thought out menu for attendees. Here are a few ways to make your attendees’ experience more memorable with food and beverage:

Healthy Chicken SaladHealthy Options – Staying healthy on the road is often difficult for attendees. By offering healthy options to attendees, you are giving them the opportunity to feel better about their food choices.  At your next event, consider offering a luscious salad bar with a choice of hearty greens, a variety of toppings and protein to top things off.  Yum!

Finger Foods

Fun finger foods – Although dinner with china and fine cutlery is nice, it’s also important to create a comfortable and laid back feel to allow guests to focus on networking and not wondering which is the right fork to use at the dinner table. At your next cocktail reception, consider serving an assortment of simple finger foods to make it easy for conference-goers to mix and mingle while they snack, allowing for more networking time.

Key Lime Pie

Honor the Local Cuisine – Typically, attendees are traveling a great distance to join your event, so try inviting a caterer or vendor who offers a menu that incorporates local flavors.  For example, serve key lime pie at your next conference in Florida, BBQ in Nashville, or deep dish pizza in Chicago – this way you can create a unique (and great tasting) experience for your attendees. The last time I attended an event in New Orleans I was over the moon that they included local beignets with our coffee break – I heard other attendees rave about the beignets too! Click here for a state-to-state guide of iconic US foods.

Remember, people attending your events are not only spending money to attend, but time. Offering well thought out food and refreshments is a direct way to thank attendees for being at your event. So next time you’re planning a conference or cocktail reception, think about what you can do to make food and beverage more memorable for your attendees.

We look forward to sharing some delicious food and drinks with you at Telecom Exchange New York on June 22nd at Cirpriani Wall Street – bon appetit!

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