Wasn’t The Sphere just unveiled to the wholesale telecom marketplace earlier this year? That’s right – at ITW! And now, the global telecom ecosystem is already in the running for five of the most prestigious telecom industry awards. What can we say; good news travels fast.

The Sphere has secured a spot on shortlists for these five 2018 Global Carrier Awards:

  • Best Network Technology Innovation
  • Best Voice Service Innovation – Emerging Market
  • Best European Project
  • Best Cloud Innovation
  • Best Anti-Fraud Innovation

The winners will be announced at the Capacity Global Carrier Awards ceremony and gala dinner on Wednesday, Oct. 24 in London.

Speaking of, if you’ll be at Capacity Europe next week, stop by booths 32 & 33 to find out more about The Sphere and speak with the team. To schedule a meeting, email [email protected]

The Sphere is also introducing its core team of engineers, architects and visionaries. With years of experience building and operating networks for some of the world’s largest telcos, this team is very familiar with the challenges that operators, carriers and resellers have been facing for far too long.

“We built The Sphere from the ground up to provide much-needed solutions, powered by next-gen technologies, that will serve the wholesale telecom industry today and in the future,” states Boaz Refaeli, VP Operations and Engineering for The Sphere. “The Global Carrier Awards shortlist recognition underscores the ground-breaking innovation that The Sphere delivers.”

The Sphere’s core team includes:

  • Yariv Trabelsi – Chief Technology Officer: Leading expert in all things related to VoIP and technology. Successfully designing and developing services supporting millions of customers around the world for industry leaders such as Skype, Vonage and Microsoft.
  • John Tolton – Chief Commercial Officer: Throughout his 20-year history of driving results for telecom companies such as Telarix, iBasis and Nextel International, John has thrived in startups and the global carrier marketplace by introducing and leveraging new and disruptive technologies.
  • Boaz Refaeli – VP Operations and Engineering: Played a key role in the VoIP market transition and deployment for carriers globally. Pushed communication startups on to the Nasdaq, and led the Telefonica venture initiatives in providing advanced services worldwide.  
  • Giacomo Vacca – Principal VoIP Network Architect and Developer: Designed, developed and managed real-time communications infrastructure built on open source applications for almost 20 years. Giacomo has been deeply involved in pioneering fixed, mobile and WebRTC solutions for Truphone, Orange and Vonage (Nexmo).
  • Brett Rosenblatt – Principal Information System Architect: Designed software applications and data platforms serving all facets of the telecom industry with focus on high-volume data design, modeling and intelligence systems for companies such as AT&T, C&W and Telefonica.
  • Arik Halperin – Principal Algorithm and System Designer: With 20+ years of experience solving complex challenges for IDF, Texas Instruments, Vodafone, MetaLink and other large organizations, Arik specializes in real-time, high-speed communication protocols and technologies.

To learn more about The Sphere, visit www.TheSphere.IO and follow the company’s latest news on LinkedIn and Twitter.