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Online video is often used by companies to boost their marketing efforts, and an audience at the recent Online Video Strategies conference in London learned that there are six key ways that can happen. Here’s how John Shaw, chief operating officer at VBrick Systems, told it:

“When we look at all those customers and all that video being moved around, it really breaks down into six primary ways that folks are incorporating streaming video into their marketing programs. They’re posting video content on their customer-facing websites, they’re building communities by motivating user-contributed content, they’re broadcasting sales and marketing events — both live broadcasts and then providing them on an on-demand basis, they’re using streaming video to train their distribution channels to be able to have them represent them in the marketplace, they’re getting — if I’m a government customer, for example — they’re using video to reach out to their constituencies and to get the message out to the community, and, finally, lots of folks are using digital signage to promote their products and services,” said Shaw. In the following presentation, he promised to give examples for each of those six methods.

Citing a Gartner study on online video marketing, Shaw noted that it confirmed something VBrick was already seeing with its own customers:

“What they found is the traditional sales and marketing approaches in the marketplace are becoming less and less effective and they’re all looking for new ways in which they can tap into social media, viral marketing campaigns, lots of ways. And many of them point towards incorporating a visual element and a video element into those types of campaigns,” said Shaw.

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