Scopio LogoA fog has lifted in the marketing world as launches the tech industry’s first dashboard for sourcing images and video posted on social media. What does that mean? Take it from a marketing professional — this is big.

As marketers, we’ve all been there — you have a campaign that could really resonate with your audience, but affordable imagery is scarce and the same old stock images just won’t cut it. has created a dashboard that will help you locate relevant and authentic images straight from your target audience through hashtags, keywords, trending topics and, yes, even emojis!

Anyone can search social media for images; we get that. However, takes it a step further by not only transforming the hunt into a more fun, simple and efficient process, but also allowing you to save your favorites for later and (here’s our favorite part) facilitating the image licensing process for you! Gone are the days of passing up a photo because you don’t have permission to use it or, even worse, using a photo without expressed consent from the provider.

photography-801891_1920“Image licensing is a natural and emerging need for the millions of social media images posted every day,” states CEO and Founder Christina Hawatmeh. “It’s a crucial step forward in the evolution of online content sourcing and licensing. We’re proud to be at the heart of solving this new media business challenge for tens of millions of users globally., which is available in multiple languages, is already working with some to the world’s leading media buyers and licensees. Not only that, but they’ve also been recognized with awards from Arch Grants, Columbia Startup Lab, OBSERVER, bizwomen and many more!

Images play a huge role in attracting, securing and retaining your audience — no matter what demographic they fall in. makes it easier to find the photos best suited for your campaign and secure them legally. Oh happy day!

Want to learn more about and its latest announcement? Read the full press release here and don’t forget to take advantage of the company’s promotional 30-day free trial.