Each morning I am grateful.  I wake up, float over to my desk to tackle the cornucopia of news that celebrates the successes of our clients and the greater telecom industry.   I usually try to carve out a moment or two to eat some breakfast before harvesting the parade of emails.

Its more than a tradition at JS&A to share the news and all of its trimmings, so this Thanksgiving we dedicate this November 22nd blog to our family of committed clients – the JS&A colony that includes; Allied Fiber, Arbinet, Data Foundry, GlobeNet, Hibernia Atlantic, Lexent, Neutral Tandem, One Source, PacketExchange, TELEHOUSE America, Tinet, XKL.

This Autumn’s Telecom News Begins Now.

Voice traffic on Thankgsiving Thursday picks up – we all know this.  With the news of Primus’ acquisition of Arbinet for a Stock-for-Stock transaction, the company will be well dressed to win the Turkey Trot as it will be better positioned to compete globally, with plentiful quality voice routesl

With the markets closed, Global financial firms and exchanges that utilize Hibernia Atlantic’s GFN for TransAtlantic Low Latency Routes, including the FXCM Holding’s, a global online trading solutions that leverage Tinet’s IP Transit backbone, will be well rested as they gather to watch American football to celebrate the holiday.

 I bet the Native Americans and Pilgrims serving  dinner at Plymouth Plantation couldn’t fathom the complexities associated with global communications – and now companies like Allied Fiber, that is building a dark fiber network around America,  illustrates how  container data center  solutions can better serve the markets need.  According to Hunter Newby, CEO of Allied Fiber and a true colonist of modern day telecommunications, you can stuff(ing) a container data center along a dark fiber route, literally on a farm(er) in the middle of nowhere, and carve out your own piece of the interconnection pie, directly on that route – basting in the ability to quickly and efficiently light the network ballooning data traffic into cyber-land.  Could container data centers gobble up the big facilities?  It’s a different ball game.  The data center space is like a casserole, full of big players and the giblets too, there’s enough for everyone to have a piece of the pie.

Now if the Mayflower had gone the other way, it could have found the ground where Tinet and GBI will interconnect their networks.  These companies are no Turkeys.   On the heels of the completion of Tinet’s network integration with Neutral Tandem, who acquired the company just this Fall, GBI (Gulf Bridge International) and Tinet announced that they will team up in EMEA where GBI will provide capacity on its network connecting Europe to the Gulf region and Asia, and Tinet will interconnect GBI’s network in Europe to offer services through its global footprint (and the sweet dessert of the deal is that GBI can leverage Neutral Tandem/Tinet’s Ethernet Exchange).  

After leaving Telstra International, Gina Nomellini didn’t turn into a pumpkin afterall.  She landed at One Source Networks as their new Chief Marketing Officer.   Winning the large end of the wishbone, Gina has reunited with her former colleagues from Broadwing / Level 3 – this is not an acorn move at all. 

Disaster did strike our beloved voyagers, but if it were up to Data Foundry, they would have gracefully developed a solution to mitigate their risks.  As a matter of fact the Houston Pilots recognized Data Foundry for Its comprehensive disaster recovery solutions, grateful for their commitment to keeping their mission-critical port management and shipping operations up and running.

I still need Black Friday and Cyber Monday to integrate into the news, so I’ll give a hardy shout out and congratulations to JS&A clients that won the coveted Capacity Wholesale awards – and if this wasn’t the stuffing, cornbread, cranberries and the gravy, I don’t know what is:

Allied Fiber – the Capacity Judges Award

Hibernia Atlantic – Best Market Innovation Services Award

GlobeNet – Best Latin American Wholesale Offering

So there you have it!  Our heartfelt thanks to our clients and our gracious appreciation for entrusting us with getting the good word out about what you do and how you do it day in and day out.  Now it’s time to head to Macy’s!


Our List of Thanksgiving Words:

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