Telecom Exchange (TEX) CEO Roundtables have redefined the conference format and we invite you to be a part of that change. As the meeting point of the industry, TEX is designed to not only drive the right audience but the right action-oriented conversations, so the end result is a list of agreed-upon, accountable action items, for, of and by the industry decision makers, clearly documenting next steps.

As a stark contrast to the same talk by the same talking heads as seen at many of today’s conferences, and by removing the marketing frills and sponsored sales pitches, TEX sets a new bar for industry communication and direct networking– with the sole intent to drive the industry forward.

Here is the format: 

  • All attendees are decision makers and all voices are welcome and heard.
  • 4 to 5 speakers and a moderator ‘set the stage’, describing the agreed-upon topic.
  • All attendees collaborate and move collectively towards 3 to 5 solutions or goals, addressing the challenges at hand.
  • The agreed-upon list of action items will be included in a post-event manifesto, circulated to the Roundtable attendees, CEO Exchange members and then to the industry at large.

The Result: Not just the same talk – but a real sense of community, collaboration, and action. 

TEX has expanded to 4 locations in 2019: Dallas, NYC, Toronto, and LA, providing more of an opportunity to get involved. Check out all of the Roundtable topics for each TEX in 2019 by visiting If you are interested in joining a Roundtable panel email [email protected].