SJL_Headshot1_JSA 1.1In case you missed Tuesday’s Telecom Ramblings Industry Spotlight, here is a recap of what Jay Lawrence has to say about the impact of wireless networks on financial exchanges and the future of NexxCom wireless.

NexxCom’s ultra low latency radio technology has already had a substantial impact on the financial vertical. As the company continues to roll out new ultra fast circuits to the high frequency trading segment (among others) Telecom Ramblings‘, Rob Powell had a chance to sit down with NexxCom Wireless, CEO for an update on the company’s transatlantic routes and technology behind HTC, true diversity, and connecting key markets.

TR: What has NexxCom Wireless been busy working on lately?

The Gist: We’re connecting well below 62ms round trip delay. This is lightning fast even in extreme weather. Want to see the routes NexxCom is traveling daily? See full answer here.

TR: Seems like transatlantic latency will be a changing game with a new cable currently being built in the Atlantic aimed at lowering the latency bar, how has that affected this project?

The Gist: We’ll wait and see what happens with other offerings and adjust accordingly. But the market is fluid and for at least a year this will be the fastest thing in that corridor by quite a bit. A year is an eternity in this business. See full answer here.

TR: When your transatlantic network is done, what new projects are on the horizon?

The Gist: There are a number of circuits on the market that are in different stages of completion. For 2015 we are looking at several network extensions, working with fiber providers on hybrid fiber/wireless projects. Where are those projects started and how will NexxCom expand this to a millimeter wave solution in 2015? See full answer here.

Check out what else Lawrence had to say about the future of fixed-wireless and much more in the the full article!