Industry Spotlight: Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO and Founder of JSA

Founder and Jaymie-Cutaia-Headshot-midChief Editor of Telecom Ramblings, Rob Powell, talks to our own Jaymie! See the excerpt below (with link to view full article).

Today we’re going to look at the side of telecom and fiber that by some measures we hear from the most, and yet by others also the least.  It has now been 10 years since Jaymie Scotto Cutaia founded the marketing, PR, and event planning firm JSA.  Focusing from the beginning on the telecom sector, she and her team have played an outsized role in driving the sea change in public perception about the infrastructure it depends on.  But do you know what she herself thinks?  I thought it was about time I asked:

TR: When you started JSA back in 2005, why did you choose the telecom industry to focus on?

JSC: Before starting JSA, I was the Director of Marketing and PR at Telx and had the very fortunate opportunity to work with Telx’s clients and partners, who were top marketers and telecom operators.  I was able to build wonderful relationships- friendships I am still fortunate to have today– and had top minds in our industry patiently teaching me ‘telecom 101’ — including all the different layers of the OSI stack, how they work together, and how they are all critically dependent on one another.  As a former journalist, I felt like I was uncovering an entirely new world – (still do!) – the ‘plumbing’ that allows the world to communicate. We are laying the railroads of tomorrow with each new fiber lay or cross connect, and it’s an incredible gift to pass on, as it allows us- the human race- the opportunity to compete and bolster local commerce and economies, including in hard-to-reach areas. So why telecom?  I believe it plays a critical role in providing opportunities across the globe- especially for our children.

TR: Has your background in journalism helped you navigate the transition to today’s social-media-driven world of communication and promotion?

JSC: Yes definitely. MSNBC taught me the importance of letting accurate data drive the story, even when running at an “every minute counts” pace. Really great marketing is not about “spinning” a flashy headline; it’s about marrying quality content with facts. I often think telecom headlines are plagued with misinformation; too often companies try to sell on an idea of the technology rather than the actual technology available. We here at JSA make it a point to work with companies who are delivering value-driven solutions. In our messaging, we clearly define what products are accessible today and what are the company’s projections or plans for tomorrow. This clear and factual approach drives great messaging, including: timely headlines; persuasive social interaction and next-gen marketing. It’s not about “smoke in the mirrors” – it’s real people doing extraordinary things to further our communications- and in my opinion, that’s always a memorable read.

Read full interview here.