Photos and videos of the Telecom Exchange conference were captured from every angle, creating a rich visual dialogue. Photo courtesy of 1547Realty/Twitter.

Images tell a story and our Telecom Exchange (TEX) NYC attendees captured the excitement of this year’s conference with the photos and videos that they posted to social media. Fortunately, TEX NYC is the latest live event to be curated using Scop.io’s image search engine and licensing platform, and the result is an easy-to-view dashboard of amazing TEX moments for our events team to review in one place

We were so impressed with Scop.io’s innovative platform that we named it this year’s Telecom Exchange Tech Boss!

So how can event organizers use Scop.io? Let us explain.

TelecomExchange_logoFor live events such as TEX NYC, event organizers can use Scop.io to find images captured by attendees on social media in real time to license for use on their website, social media or marketing materials. Scop.io is also an invaluable resource for onsite journalists searching for event images to complement their article or blog coverage.

Through Scop.io’s streamlined dashboard, subscribers can view TEX NYC photos and videos captured by conference goers via Twitter and Instagram, and connect with the photographers to license the content.

logo-altHow is this different than scrolling through Twitter’s interface? Unlike a standard Twitter account that limits results, Scop.io’s dashboard has 100 percent access to Twitter’s servers, which allows it to curate all content associated with a hashtag without the clutter of reposts, graphics, advertisements and spam. The results are concise collections of photos and videos that make it easy for users to quickly find authentic content that connects with their audience. Since its launch in May, Scop.io has built an impressive library containing 40 million images, including 42,000 images classified as original content.

Read the full press release and learn how to take advantage of a 30-day complimentary trial of Scop.io here.