It’s no secret that data center operators (DCOs) are well-accustomed to change and have been able to successfully adapt to the fluctuating landscape of their industry for decades. However, DCOs today are faced with a faster pace of change than anything they’ve ever seen.

So, what’s a DCO to do?

Telamon, a leader in creating tailored, turnkey solutions that help DCOs lower costs, optimize operations, and increase visibility into end-to-end business needs, provides insight in a new eBook on current trends and opportunities. Download “New 2017 Strategies to Drive Growth and Revenue” to explore what’s driving the demand for connectivity and learn how DCOs can best position their operations to improve monetization and leverage key industry trends.

You will learn:

  • How to ensure you’re on top of the key trends driving new connectivity technology
  • How to develop the right business case for evaluating the adoption of new technologies
  • How to evaluate, prepare and capitalize on the current market threats, opportunities, and specific strategies
  • How to best leverage data center interconnectivity (DCI)


If you’re a data center operator and profitability and growth are important to you, download the “New 2017 Strategies to Drive Growth and Revenue” eBook today.