Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.02.59 AMDistance learning combines education and technology to connect students with people, experiences, lessons and so much more that would traditionally be out of reach for many children. It has had a profound impact on K-12 students in Rural America – as the technology has proven to be a gateway to global educational opportunities that have been a source of inspiration for the children that often need it the most.

NGN, a fiber network headquartered in North Georgia, is a growing voice in national rural broadband discussions and has a particular interest in how high speed connectivity can impact local school children and ultimately make rural communities globally competitive. This focus led the network to launch the Education Exchange, Georgia’s only regional 10-gigabit private cloud for exclusive use by school systems. Since its inception, Education Exchange partner educators in rural communities have used the NGN fiber network’s high speed broadband to harness the power of distance learning to bring the level of student engagement in their classrooms to a whole new level.

NGN recently developed an eBook to be a resource on how distance learning can have an impact on rural classrooms and steps to integrating a program into school districts based on the success found with Education Exchange partner K-12 schools.

Download “Introducing Distance Learning to K-12 Schools in Rural Communities” HERE to learnNGN_Education_eBook:

  • How educators are enhancing curriculum with the help of distance learning
  • The impact distance learning can have on K-12 students in rural communities
  • Steps for implementing a program in your school district
  • Testimonials from educators and national distance learning experts


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