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Meet ViaWest’s Tamara Prazak – CRN’s Women of the Channel Winner

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Congratulations to ViaWest’s Tamara Prazak who was awarded CRN’s 2015 Women of the Channel Award. Paving the way for channel success at ViaWest, Tamara’s diligence and many accomplishments earned her this award. CRN’s "Women Of The Channel” is a special recognition of those female channel executives who have risen in the ranks of their organizations. These [...]

Battle of the sexes – Beauties make more than the Beasts

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New research shows the earning power of women is on the rise – something that, the Most Powerful Woman in Television, Disney’s Anne Sweeney knows all about. There’s good news for female workers this week with the news that the earning power of young women has now surpassed that of their male counterparts. News of the [...]