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Hibernia Atlantic Offers New Low Latency Managed Connectivity to Key NJ Financial Facility

Hibernia Atlantic’s newly constructed low latency route connecting 165 Halsey to 1400 Federal Blvd in New Jersey is ready for service. Constructed by Cross River Fiber, this new route and strategic partnership provides customers with increased diversity and lower latency than existing routes. After a thorough planning and design process, Cross River Fiber and Hibernia

Vello Systems Deploys its Ultra Low-latency Cards on Hudson Fiber Network’s North American Metro Exchange Routes

New York / New Jersey financial fiber routes just got faster and more efficient with Vello Systems' announcement of its ultra low latency cards to be deployed by high bandwidth networking provider, Hudson Fiber Network (HFN). The new optical service cards allow network operators to lower costs and increase speeds for intra- and inter-metro low-latency

Vello Systems Introduces Industry’s Lowest Latency, Highest Density, Multi-Service 10G Solution

Vello Systems, a leader in high performance cloud infrastructure solutions, announces the introduction and availability of its ultra-low latency, high-density, 10G CX50T service card. As applications increasingly migrate to the Cloud, and new cloud-based applications and services emerge, network latency, or rather the delay incurred by the network itself, is a growing concern. Especially in high-frequency trading or algorithmic trading environments, or in distributed storage environments, network latency is a prime concern. Vello Systems understands this brings a serious need. In these cases, reducing network latency by microseconds or even nanoseconds has significant impact on transaction velocity and business processes and transaction velocity. The new CX50T service card delivers sub-5 nanosecond performance at 10G speeds and is purpose-built for these environments.

Vello Systems Develops New Wide-Area Cost-Effective Cloud Computing Technology

Vello Systems develops advanced cloud infrastructure technologies for service providers, enterprise and government institutions worldwide. Vello understands the growing capacity challenges and to stay ahead of the game introduced a new Cloud Switching Technology that delivers terabits of economical, low-latency, virtualized capacity in the wide-area. For service providers, enterprise and government institutions who are looking

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