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Zayo to Acquire First Telecom Services

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Zayo Group has executed a definitive agreement to purchase First Telecom Services, LLC (“First Telecom Services” or “FTS”), a provider of Bandwidth Infrastructure services throughout the northeastern and midwestern United States, for a price of $110 million. First Telecom Services manages a network of over 8,000 route miles of fiber and approximately 500 on-net buildings. It [...]

Zayo Group to Acquire 360Networks, Nearly Doubling Network Reach

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Zayo Group today announces it has executed a definitive agreement to acquire Seattle-based 360networks holdings (USA) inc. (“360networks”).  The acquisition combines Zayo’s deep metro fiber networks across 60 US metropolitan markets and 360networks’ unique intercity fiber network spanning the central and western United States. 360networks will be the largest of the 17 acquisitions made by Zayo [...]

Cross River Fiber Extends its Dark Fiber Network to IO NEW JERSEY

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Cross River Fiber, LLC, announces today it will build a dark fiber network to IO NEW JERSEY. IO NEW JERSEY, the latest modular data center from IO, is the largest modular data center in existence.  Cross River Fiber, a New Jersey-based, boutique dark fiber optic and telecommunications solutions provider, designs, constructs and maintains its own independent [...]