Statistical Multiplexing

Get the Most Out of Your 100G Network: Download XKL’s New eBook

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XKL LLC has just announced the release of its new eBook, “Get the Most Out of Your 100G Network.” With more than 4.1 billion people using the internet and 3.3 billion using social media, network operators are scrambling to seek solutions to reduce the strain on the networks as those numbers continue to climb. The continued [...]

XKL Reintroduces Network Providers to Statistical Multiplexing in its New eBook

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Are you a network operator looking to streamline applications and manage workloads efficiently? Look no further than XKL. The company has programmed a sophisticated statistical multiplexing algorithm into its eVolocity product suite. But what exactly is statistical multiplexing? Let’s take you back to the 1960s, when, for the first time, computers started connecting over telephone lines, [...]

XKL’s eVolocity Platform Introduces a Solution for Subsea Operators

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According to Telegeography, there are approximately 428 subsea cables in service today around the world. Approximately $7 billion is projected to be invested in subsea infrastructure between continental regions in 2017 and 2018. But, much of the existing infrastructure that is available to enterprises is aging, and deploying cutting-edge optical transport for use with legacy cables [...]

XKL’s Len Bosack to Deliver Keynote Address at NANOG 70

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Next week during NANOG 70 - taking place from June 5 – 7 in Bellevue, Washington - XKL’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Len Bosack, will deliver a keynote address where he will analyze the role statistical multiplexing plays in networks and assess the likely trajectory it and other advances will take in the years to [...]

XKL Introduces its New 100GE Coherent Platform, eVolocity

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Bandwidth use is often unpredictable and as data demands increase at exponential rates, businesses must strive to keep up. Len Bosack, Founder and CEO of XKL, discovered an opportunity to solve that problem through the intelligent and swift prioritization of bandwidth. Today, Mr. Bosack and his team of expert engineers announced the launch of eVolocity, XKL’s [...]