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bBooth, Inc. Launches New Fan Engagement through its App Songstagram (soon-to-be-named “kord”)

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Today, bBooth, Inc. announces it has introduced new features to its app Sonstagram, soon-to-be rebranded as “kord.” This app provides all music artists with new opportunities through its fan engagement features now available. Built on a strong social media platform, with state-of-the-art messaging and video-sharing technology, Sontragram/kord provides a unique experience for customers and artists. Users [...]

TNCI Telastic Hosted Voice Solution Now Available

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TNCI Operating Company LLC, announces the launch of its newest solution, TNCI Telastic Hosted Voice. This is the first Hosted Voice solution that TNCI has offered its customers, expanding its stellar product portfolio. TNCI Telastic Hosted Voice is a Hosted PBX/IP Centrex application that leverages industry standard SIP while providing the telephony functionality necessary to offer standard [...]

Convergence of Industries Proves Beneficial to Financial Institutions

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It is well know that as a region, Latin America is seeing great growth in their markets and with it the broader use of technologies is increasing as well. The concept of internet banking has boomed within the Latin American region, with over 70% of retail banks now offering internet banking to clients. The financial institutions of Latin America are taking the opportunity to capitalize on the convergence of the Telco and IT industries by developing services for customers with a mobile focus.