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Hibernia CEO Gives Exclusive Project Express Update on JSA TV

  Check out JSA TV’s exclusive sit-down with Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO of Hibernia Networks as Bjarni gives us the very latest developments— as in what’s going on this week!!— on Project Express, the high performance, high-capacity transAtlantic cable that Hibernia is rolling out between New York and London. Hear from the CEO on anchor tenants,

Hibernia Networks’ Project Express to Offer High Capacity, New Diversity and Low Latency Across the Atlantic

Hibernia Networks and TE SubCom today announce that they have commenced the manufacturing of the Hibernia Express trans-Atlantic cable system, the newest and fastest fiber-optic path between New York and London. The 4,600km cable is targeted to be in service Summer 2015. The state-of-the-art system will connect New York and London, as well as connecting

Second Panel at Metro Connect 2013 Explores Financial and Strategic Analysis of M&A and Consolidation

Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO of Hibernia Networks, kicked off the second panel discussion today at Metro Connect 2013.  The topic of the panel was Financial and Strategy Analysis of M&A and Consolidation in 2013 and Predictions for 2013.  Bjarni was joined on the panel by Gillis Cashman of M/C Partners, George Morgan of Ridgemont Equity Partners, and Steven Soraparu

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Hibernia Maintains Momentum with Project Express

Hibernia’s recent announcement with Huawei shows that Project Express is underway and taking the necessary steps to complete the cable build. The purpose of Project Express will be to connect London to New York, two of the largest exchanges, with the lowest latency. Announced in 2010, Project Express has made significant strides since then. November

Huawei Marine Begins Manufacturing Phase for Hibernia’s GFN Project Express

Huawei Marine has signed a construction contract for Hibernia Atlantic’s Global Financial Network (GFN) Project Express. Huawei Marine recently completed the first phase of the project’s marine survey work and is now commencing the manufacturing of the necessary cables and wet plant for the project. The Project Express segment of the GFN is scheduled to

Another Industry Milestone for Hibernia Atlantic and Huawei

We are witnessing history in the making with Hibernia Atlantic, and Huawei’s, joint completion of the first 100G transatlantic connection between Nova Scotia and England. This marks the highest capacity connection ever transmitted across the Atlantic Ocean, and it lays the foundation for rest of the deployments encompassing key routes. All of this is part

Hibernia Atlantic's Project Express Marks Another Key Milestone For Sub

Another milestone for Hibernia Atlantic hits the marketplace this morning regarding its historic Project Express subsea cable build.  The submarine survey, a critical step in the transatlantic network’s deployment, is now underway and will provide valuable data to assist Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd. in the cable manufacturing process. Specially designed ships will survey the

Industry Veteran Kathy Perone Joins Hibernia Atlantic

Hibernia Atlantic welcomes another star player to its team.  Kathy Perone has been recently appointed as COO, bringing over 30 years of successful telecommunications experience.  With a stellar track record in the global wholesale marketplace, Ms. Perone will help lead Hibernia in their future expansion and growth. For more information, please visit or read

The Beginning and Beyond: Hibernia Atlantic

Recently Hibernia Atlantic's CEO, Bjarni Thorvardarson, chatted with Capacity Magazine editor, Angela Partington about the evolution of the subsea transatlantic cable company. As an industry innovator, Thorvardarson has been an integral part of the company since 2002 and has led the teams to expand its global network and services, as well as quickly respond to

Hibernia Atlantic Further Reduces Latency Across its GFN

Today, Hibernia Atlantic announces that it has further reduced latency across major financial routes on its Global Financial Network (GFN). Improved speeds on keyroutes include New Jersey to Toronto which is now as fast as an estimated 9.5 milliseconds, as well as routes in and around the New Jersey metro area. This allows traders and


2011 will be sure to bring enhanced networks and technologies and with that - competitive advantages for those companies that embrace them. For the financial markets, this also means new advancements in how fast financial trades can be conducted. Traders, broker dealers, hedge funds, and banks are all vying to make faster trades capitalizing on

Further Growth for Hibernia Atlantic With the Addition of New CFO

2010 was marked by significant network growth and expansion for Hibernia Atlantic with announcements such as its Project Express subsea cable build, offering the lowest latency route between New York and London. In the final weeks of the year, Hibernia is pleased to also announce growth within its executive management team with the appointment of Lloyd

Hibernia Atlantic Receives 'Best Market Innovation' Award

Hibernia Atlantic's Global Financial Network (GFN) secures the prestigious Capacity Media 'Best Market Innovation' Award. Awarded at last night's opening ceremony for Capacity Europe 2010, Hibernia's GFN was touted for its commitment to build a new transatlantic ultra low latency cable system, Project Express. Built specifically to address growing demands from the financial sector, Project

Hibernia Atlantic – Industry Innovator

Hibernia Atlantic's Global Financial Network (GFN) was chosen as one of TMC's Communications Solutions 2009 Product of the Year winners. Recognized as an industry innovator, Hibernia Atlantic is constantly pushing the technological envelope with operational excellence and innovative engineering. Its GFN was built to serve the demanding technology requirements of the financial sector including low

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